I thought once I had kids, parenting would come naturally. The love part did. The rest of it, I needed some help with.

I had no idea parenting was something you could LEARN.

We Each Have a Story

We all come to parenting from our unique perspective and with our own stories. I hope you'll read mine, and then, if you like, you can tell me yours. We're all in this together. 


Because Knowledge is Power

30 short videos that will help you decode your children's difficult behavior. And a weekly group class that will give you the tools to build the family you really want.


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Please read...

Parents often come to me because their kids are exhibiting challenging behaviors. And I like to help them, but not always in the way parents have come to expect getting help.

Most parenting coaches will give you tips and tricks on how to get kids to do what we need them to. I am not so interested in this, personally. My belief is that every challenging behavior is there for a reason. And while we can try to bribe, distract or punish the behavior away, it isn't until we learn to really LISTEN to it that we can transform our families into the force for good and love that they are meant to be.

That said, while we start with listening, we don't stop there. Once we understand a child's behavior - and our own - then I share with my parents a set of incredibly powerful tools that are practical and actionable, and rooted in brain science. I teach mostly from a framework of Patty Wipfler's Hand in Hand Parenting tools, and am also greatly influenced by the work of Larry Cohen, Gordon Neufeld, Dan Siegel, Michael Gurian, and the many experiences of my own life.

So yucky behavior? Yeah, let's fix it. But first let's listen. Because inside of every kid giving you a hard time, there is a kid having a hard time. And inside every parent losing their temper is a parent just waiting to blossom into the benevolent leader they are meant to be. And that is the kind of work that interests me, and the parents I work so closely with. If this speaks to you, please read on to learn more...

XO, Abigail

"With help from Abigail our child is stronger, calmer, more compassionate, and clearly happier. And so are we!"

P.F. - Dad of One

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So THEY can...

+ be more emotionally flexible + find their own resilience and grit + move beyond stuck fears + use challenges to become smarter and stronger + love their siblings + stop aggressive behaviors like hitting and biting + handle transitions better + put their own shoes on + do their homework + navigate friendships and resist peer pressure + manage chores + and even leave the house on time! :)

So YOU can...

+ tap directly into your child's inherent goodness and ACTIVATE it + create a bond with your children that lasts for life + be a safe trusted adult in their life + handle a tantrum with confidence + set effective limits WITHOUT ANGER + inspire great sibling relationships + keep your cool, even when things are tough + be a strong and benevolent leader + earn their respect, and with that the ability to truly guide them + and even leave the house on time! :)

Real Parenting Challenges. Real Life Solutions.

Science Based

You've got a brain. And so do your kids. This is your chance to get to know it and how it works. Once you know the basic neuroscience behind why we (and they) flip out - it's easier to learn how NOT to.

I share with you the work of Patty Wipfler, Dr. Dan Siegel, and Dr. Gordon Neufeld (among others) in an easy to understand way. Then I synthesize it all into practical action for you.

Here's the Thing

You are doing an incredibly hard job under what can often be very challenging circumstances and YOU DESERVE SUPPORT. You get no pay, no societal recognition, no time off. What do you say we at least make this feel good, huh? :)