Got tweens?

Tweens got tech?

Maybe we should talk... 




Cyber Bullying.

Violent Video Games. 

Our kids need us to help them stay safe, connected, and resilient in this social digital minefield. But how?

An online course with Abigail Wald and Julia Storm, M.A.

Julia Storm is a Los Angeles-based Digital Media Use Educator and the founder of Abigail Wald is a certified Hand in Hand Parenting Instructor, and the cohost of the wildly popular "Hand in Hand: A Podcast for Parents". Together they created Tweens + Tech to help parents and tweens skillfully navigate through the trickiest aspects of the digital minefield that is our children's modern playground, and learn how to take the best of what tech has to offer.

Learn WHY 

our tween's brain development makes them particularly vulnerable to these devices, and the one super-protective factor that you, the parent, have at your fingertips.

Learn WHAT

you can do that will actually work: proven tips to set effective limits so you can finally ditch those endless and exhausting power struggles.

Learn HOW

to help our kids make the kinds of choices that will keep them safe, kind, and emotionally resilient, so you can rest easy and actually embrace their digital future.


Simple. Quick. Effective.





Make time for this important class.

Your kids will thank you. 


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