So many ways to work together! Pick the one that suits you best, and I will get back to you very shortly.

Meet with me one-on-one to craft your very own game plan. Sessions are held in person if you are in LA, or online (from anywhere else in the world).

Want to join one of my local classes? Got a group of friends and want to start your own? Sign up here to let me know.

Invite me to come speak at your school, or home, on any topic you choose. (Examples: Aggression, Getting Kids to Listen, Staying Connected to your Tween, SIblings, What We Can Learn about the role of Gender in our Parenting)

Want to learn online with me? People have done this course from New Zealand, Australia, The U.K., Canada, Vietnam, Denmark, and the United States. Two versions: one is self guided videos, and the other adds 5 bonus weekly calls.

For parents of tweens: helping YOU help THEM to harvest the best of tech, and leave the worst behind. So YOU can feel confident and THEY can stay safe.

A class just for fathers. This class comes in two varieties: in person or online. Consistently one of the most fun classes I teach every year!


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