(Theirs. And yours!)

Abigail is amazing. Her class really changed my life in a lot of ways and made parenting way more fun for me. Although I am a licensed marriage and family therapist and spent 4 years of my clinical training working with children in various settings I learned more helpful information from her than I did in many of my professional studies. She also made me laugh! Even though she had critical information to teach us about the hard work of parenting she managed to not take herself too seriously and encouraged many opportunities for laughter. I have recommended her class to many of my friends and clients and will continue to do so. She is a wonderful resource for parents.

S.S. - Mom of Twins

Imagine, for a moment, that you knew:

  • the science of how our brains work (kids and grown ups)
  • how even a basic understanding of this neuroscience would help you stop the powers struggles in your home
  • how to see and tap into your child's inherent goodness and ACTIVATE it
  • how to help your children find their own resilience and grit
  • how to help your child move beyond stuck fears
  • how to create a bond with your children that lasts for life
  • how to work with emotional outbursts so that you had a smarter stronger kid on the other end
  • how to understand what is really going on under that sibling rivalry, so it can transform into true friendship
  • how to set effective limits WITHOUT ANGER
  • how to get yourself the support YOU need so you know just what to do in case you lose your cool. 
  • and the 5 AMAZING tools of Hand in Hand Parenting.

Well that is exactly what you learn in The 30 DAY FAMILY RESET!

And yes, we also discuss simple things like how to get your kids to put their own shoes on, do their homework, manage chores, and even leave the house on time! :) 

Read Another Parent's BEFORE and AFTER

So I have a 3 1/2 and a 14 month old. I barely get a shower. I stay at home with them and my son is in preschool 3 days a week. 

They are killing me. My son is super jealous of my little girl. We do everything we can to spend alone time and make him feel good. He is constantly pushing her, taking things, hitting, kicking....she is now scared of him. We have tried many approaches. And nothing is working. 

I am already so beat down and tired that dealing with this is really pushing my buttons. I have yelled at my son 2 or 3 times this weekend when I know keeping my cool will be better, but I'm at my wits end. I am a chill person and I feel rage. I cannot deal. Help!!

Real Time Parenting has been the most helpful, game changing and grounding information I've been given as a parent. I have such great tools now, whereas before I had read and google searched every parenting topic and tried applying them with no change.

My son and daughter have such a great relationship now. Do they fight? Yes. But after absorbing this method I really can say I have such a great support. When my kids fight, I know how to react to help them. When my son throws tantrums I can help. My own rage and anger is under control (most of the time). Parenting seems so much clearer now than it did.

I truly believe I am doing 100 times better and I feel confident we are truly happy as a family. Is parenting difficult?? Yes everyday, but I really do feel like I am giving my kids more than I received as a child now. I feel so lucky I found Real Time Parenting.


Each day for one month, I send you a short video (about 15-20 minutes long) that will guide you STEP by STEP through this transformative process.


  • Week 1: Days 1-7 - Learning the very basic brain science behind what does and does not work with our kids. And your first major tool that will begin to shift everything. 
  • Week 2: Days 8-14 - Learning your first two super-skills that will cut down frustration immediately and foster deep allegiance and cooperation. You will learn exactly what kinds of play matter most to your kids, and also learn what to do - and not do - in the midst of a tantrum. 
  • Week 3: Days 15-21 - Learning how to set effective limits, and how to be the kind of leader that inspires your children to be able to maintain them. Also, understanding how to identify the key issues your family is facing right now, and how to navigate the "emotional projects" that come along with them.
  • Week 4: Days 22-28 - Learning how to support YOURSELF as you support everyone else. This is crucial to your long term success. Also, tools for how to handle your own moods so you can keep yourself in optimal mental and emotional shape. You've raised your game by now. These are the tools that will keep you there. 
  • The last week you will receive the last two videos in which you get to see how far you have come, celebrate all you have achieved, and then I help set you up with some guidelines so you can enjoy continued, lasting success. 

So happy you are here. I look forward to seeing you on the other side. 

With love & hope,

Got questions? Here are some answers.


What if my kids are older? Or younger? Will this still work?

These tools work for kids of any age. They will also work with your spouse, in your workplace, and anywhere else you choose to use them. They are relationship based tools that enhance cooperation and help you learn how not to trigger people's brains into a protective, defensive state. Once your brain is working effectively and cleanly, you can help support the brain function of those around you. And when you do that, parenting - and life - becomes a whole lot more enjoyable. All of that said, as I teach, I will mostly be giving examples of children aged two to twelve.

I've tried everything, and nothing works. Why would this be any different?

Almost all parenting advice out there involves some form of coercive attempt to control behavior - either through bribes, shame or punishment, under the assumption that is the only or best way for children to learn. This is what keeps so many of us trapped in such an unhappy game. I do not teach "parenting tricks" or ways to incentivize or punish your child. I teach you why and how to have the kind of relationship that will naturally result in better behavior. Anything less than that, and you will be "behavior chasing" forever. We want lasting health, not a band-aid. If you want to see how effective this kind of paradigm shift has been for other parents, click here

Do I have to complete the course within the 30 days?

Absolutely not. We parents are busy and each of us have our own needs and schedules. Please watch the course and do the daily challenges I give you at your own pace. The 30 Day Family Reset is yours for a whole year if you do the "videos only" option, and FOREVER if you do the other two options, so you can watch it again and again to reground you through each new developmental phase. 

I'm in crisis! Can I complete the course in less than 30 days?

I am sorry to hear things are so tough right now. If you need to work with me right away, you are welcome to schedule a private session HERE. While the course itself cannot be sped up from the 30 days (as it really does take that long to retrain your brain and theirs) I do send the lessons weekly, so you can get a jumpstart on the first seven all at once if you like. But please remember to do the daily challenges. They are important, and they are what will set you up for success and the greatest transformation. Many parents see changes from Day One. And let me just say - I have plenty of hope for wherever you are right now. You are resilient and so are your children. 

What are your certifications?

I am a certified consultant for Hand in Hand Parenting, and also the mother of two boys. I have worked with hundreds of families (see their experiences here) but am not a psychologist. Please use your discretion as to what will serve your family best. 

"When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change."

- Max Plank, physicist