You've got dreams about what you thought parenting would feel like. You love your kids, so why is it so different than you imagined?



What you HAVE

is the DESIRE.


What you NEED

are the TOOLS.



Small Amount of Time.

Huge Return on Investment.

Parents spend hundreds of dollars putting their toddlers in music circles. Parents of older kids spend thousands of dollars on therapy sessions. I promise you this course will be some of the WISEST MONEY you will ever spend on your family. And if after you try it you disagree, just ask for your money back any time in that first month. No hassle, 100 percent money back guarantee. 
I created this course because I believe it is every parent's right to have this critical information that has literally changed my life, and the lives of so many other parents. And I really mean that. Enough said.
The full 30 Day Family Reset is $397. There is also an option for a self guided version of the class with the videos only for $147.


Each day for one month, I send you a short video (about 15-20 minutes long) that will guide you STEP by STEP through this transformative process.
Once a week, for five weeks, we meet up in person (online from anywhere in the world) to get your questions answered and apply all these tools directly to YOUR LIFE.
The video lessons are the road map. The group class is the actual road trip. Together they make for an amazing experience.  


Week 1: Learning the basic brain science behind what does and does not work with our kids, so we can put an immediate end to the power struggles. And your first major tool that will begin to shift everything, help you tap into your child's inherent goodness, and ACTIVATE it.

Week 2: This week you learn a super-skill that will cut down frustration immediately: exactly what to do - and not do - in the midst of a tantrum, so that you have a smarter, stronger kid on the other end of that meltdown. This is also the week you learn how to help your children find their own resilience and develop that ever important quality of GRIT.

Week 3: This week, we explore exactly what kinds of play matter most to your kids, and how to foster deep allegiance and cooperation in your family. You will also learn how to use play to help a child move through fear and anxiety.

Week 4: Learning how to set warm, loving limits that are EFFECTIVE and get the job done. And how to be the kind of leader that inspires your children to be able to maintain those limits. Also, understanding how to identify the key issues your family is facing right now, and how to navigate your kids "emotional projects."

Week 5: Learning how to support YOURSELF as you support everyone else. This is crucial to your long term success. Also, tools for how to handle your own moods so you can keep yourself in optimal mental and emotional shape. You've raised your game by now. These are the tools that will keep you there.

Throughout the course, we also cover any questions you may have on topics such as sibling rivalry, screens, etc. I will show you how to use the tools you have just learned to be able to handle these subjects and anything else you may have on your minds. 

By the end of this class, you will be a master ninja at the "simple" things like knowing how to get your kids to put their own shoes on, do their homework, manage chores, and even leave the house on time! 
You will also have learned the neuroscience behind how to create a bond with your children that lasts for life. With this information, you will be a safe place your kids can rely on as they move into the turbulent teen years. They need your guidance, and when you parent like this, they will actually seek it too!

100% Risk Free

If you don't feel like The 30 Day Family Reset has been of genuine value to you, then you are free to get a full refund within the first 30 days after purchase. 

Yep, even if you watched the videos. I trust you and your judgment completely. 

(And please know that anything you have shared with me, including your email, remains safe between us.)

On Your Own Time

You decide how long it takes you to go through the whole course. Do it in the 30 days, or make it last a whole year. Or do it over and over again over throughout the year!

Don't let parenting keep you hiding under the covers.

Got questions? Here are some answers.


When does the group class meet?

Each class is open to 6 parents only. Once each loop is set to go, we all work together to find the best time for the group. We always find a time that works for everyone, and just the act of finding a time together becomes the first major commitment of "coming together" that the group makes, and results in a group that can work very deeply, with a lot of trust. If for whatever reason we could not find a time that works in your current schedule, you are always welcome to jump into the next loop (or get a refund).

What if my kids are older? Or younger? Will this still work?

These tools work for kids of any age. They will also work with your spouse, in your workplace, and anywhere else you choose to use them. They are relationship based tools that enhance cooperation and help you learn how not to trigger people's brains into a protective, defensive state. Once your brain is working effectively and cleanly, you can help support the brain function of those around you. And when you do that, parenting - and life - becomes a whole lot more enjoyable. All of that said, in the videos, I will mostly be giving examples of children aged two to twelve. When we work in person, we can target the tools for your age group.

I've tried everything, and nothing works. Why would this be any different?

Almost all parenting advice out there involves some form of coercive attempt to control behavior - either through bribes, shame or punishment, under the assumption that is the only or best way for children to learn. This is what keeps so many of us trapped in such an unhappy game. I do not teach "parenting tricks" or ways to incentivize or punish your child. I teach you why and how to have the kind of relationship that will naturally result in better behavior. Anything less than that, and you will be "behavior chasing" forever. We want lasting health, not a band-aid. If you want to see how effective this kind of paradigm shift has been for other parents, click here. 

Do I have to complete the course within the 30 days?

Absolutely not. We parents are busy and each of us have our own needs and schedules. Please watch the course and do the daily challenges I give you at your own pace. We will schedule the group class at a time that works for you, and the videos are yours to go through as you can. Most people move through them pretty quickly as they tend to find them interesting and enjoyable,

I'm in crisis! Can I complete the course in less than 30 days?

I am sorry to hear things are so tough right now. If you need to work with me right away, you are welcome to schedule a private session HERE. While the course itself cannot be sped up from the 30 days (as it really does take that long to retrain your brain and theirs) I do send the lessons weekly, so you can get a jumpstart on the first seven all at once if you like. But please remember to do the daily challenges. They are important, and they are what will set you up for success and the greatest transformation. Many parents see changes from Day One. And let me just say - I have plenty of hope for wherever you are right now. You are resilient and so are your children. 

What are your certifications?

I am a certified consultant for Hand in Hand Parenting, the mother of two boys, and also a certified trainer for the Michael Gurian Institute, which specializes in brain based, trauma informed, research driven protocols to help both boys and girls thrive. I have worked with hundreds of families from all around the world (see their experiences here) but am not a psychologist. Please use your discretion as to what will serve your family best.