My boys have spent the whole day building paper guns. Here is how I feel about it.


It is late summer, and the days of doing nothing all day will soon be replaced with schedules and stricter bedtimes. But for now, we milk the last few drops of utter lazy freedom. 

It is in this spirit, that my boys somehow woke up today determined to build themselves some paper weaponry. Not just a measly little sword or two. No, instead they are obsessed with building replicas of some vintage (and to me still absolutely terrifying-looking) guns. 

Just the mere mention of the word gun is so - pardon the double entendre - loaded these days.

My mind flashes to headlines and school shootings and ballot boxes. To the bill of rights and what did it all mean way back then? What should it mean now? What is freedom and how do we balance it with responsibility? Why do so many boys like guns anyway? Will my boys know the difference between play guns and real ones? Can I trust them to turn out ok, to never hurt someone?

But these are my adult thoughts....
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5 Games You Can Play with Your Kids in 5 Minutes or Under

Let's face it. Some of us feel like we don't have time to play. 

But not our kids. No. It's like they are made for it. 

Well, actually, they are. Play is one of the ways they learn. And they LOVE IT. If KidLand were a country, play would be their currency. And their language. And their national flag. 

So why is play so hard for US?

Well, one of the reasons is that we legitimately have a lot to do. We get sucked up into our lists of important tasks that need to get ticked off. First things first: Look at that list and ask yourself "Does this thing actually need to get done?" And if it does need to get done, does it need to get done now?"

Would it be okay if it waited five minutes? And yeah, I really mean 5 minutes.



* While most of these games are meant for kids 10 and under, they can be modified for older kids too. See my suggestions at the end.


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